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Intex swimming pool, 3 types of pool filters -=Part 2 of our 5 keys to a clean pool series=-

Intex swimming pool

Intex swimming pool Filtration (aka Pool filter systems)

For the second key we will be talking about Intex Swimming pool Filtration and how each types work with your type of Intex Pool.For the second key we will be talking about Filtration and how each types work with your type of Intex Pool.

Now that we have the water circulating as the best that we can for our Intex,Bestway or Coleman pools, We need to focus on what type of filtration system you’ll want to put in-place. Remember I told you before that the stock Pumps and filter systems sold with these pools are to weak in horse power to circulate and filter the size of the pool correctly.

It’s critical to improve the circulation even more then we did prior,  We must get a pump and filter system that is the correct horse power to move that much water!

Intex swimming pool

There are 4 types of Filter systems SAND, CARTRIDGE, DE, and Salt Water.

Here we will be talking about the most common used 3, since Salt water filter are new, and do not use chlorine will will discuss them at a later time here.

Sand Filters for Intex swimming Pools remove the largest of Particles

While Cartridge and DE filters remove the smaller particles DE being the best at removing small particles.


Intex swimming pool sand filter system
Intex swimming pool sand filter systems

Sand Filters for Intex,Bestway and Coleman Pools– have 3 main features in common when it comes to performance.

1.This one is a no brainer, they all use sand (some of the older filters may have gravel in with the sand).

2.The dirty pool water enters at the top of these filters and must travel threw the sand to remove the particles in the pool water.

3.Clean water is collected in the bottom of the tank and forced back into the pool.

Sand filters are the most common filters for Intex Swimming pools, Many of the leading industry makes them and great for non-chlorine santizing products such as bigunanides (bioGuard products).

Sand filters are among the oldest type of pool filters, It’s also one of the oldest ways humans have been filtering water. Ancient civilizations used sand to filter drinking water.

Its Been a way to filter water that will stand the test of time, but you may want to consider newer types of filter technology made more recent for a truly clean pool.

Cons to a Sand Filter system for Intex Swimming pools are among, More time to filter the water.It’s a very wasteful filter in water consumption, many times over you’ll lose 100’s of gallons of water per cycle, and the sand in the tank is heavy specially when wet.

How to care for Intex swimming Pool Sand Filters

Backwash only when needed – a dirty sand filter pulls out much more finer particles – usually no more than once a week is recommended. Chemically clean the filter about 2 to 3 times per season (after initial cleaning & at mid season and when closing the pool).this will  break up & remove accumulated greases, oils & dirt that has become embedded in the sand and or gravels. Change the sand about every 2 – 4 swimming seasons (one season equals about 3 – 5 months) – sand crystals lose their “sharpness/Edge” & and can not trap dirt & debris like it once was able too. Please review these note on Chemical Cleaning below.


intex swimming pools cartridge filter system
cartridge filter sysytem for intex swimming pools

Cartridge Filters-much like sand filter cartridge filters for Intex Swimming pools have 3 things in common to each other as well.

1.They are some type of pleated fiber cartridge filter.

2.The dirty swimming pool water enters threw the cartridge to be filter of the small particles.

3.Clean water is capture opposite of the water flowing in then filter back into the swimming pool.

Many people notice cleaner water form the cartridge swimming pool filters over the sand filters.

Many years ago Cartridge swimming pool filters were only popular in the Sunbelt region of the united states, How ever today many companies like Intex and Bestway pools use these filters for their soft sided Intex Swimming pools.

Best thing about cartridge pool filters systems is they can be used with any pool sanitizing system,! thats right any!

Because of they have a huge filter surface area (these pleated fiber material filters can be as large as several hundred square feet in comparison to under 4 square feet in the largest residential sand filter systems), cartridge filters normally take a longer time to get dirty between your cleanings. A properly sized cartridge filter may only need to be cleaned 2 or 3 times per season.  When sized right, less vacuuming may be needed due to the finer filtration of particles out of the swimming pool.

Cons to a Cartridge filter for swimming pools: Proper sizing of the filter to do the proper job is crucial and must be consider and done right.  Trying to use an aboveground filter on an in-ground pool will never work nor should it. Filter must be disassembled & cleaned about once each month but only takes a few mins.
Care of Cartridge Filters: Clean only when needed about once a month. Cleaning is done by taking the filter apart & hosing off the accumulated dirt,debris and oils from the cartridge. Chemically clean 2 times per season to (after initial cleaning & at mid season) break up & remove accumulated greases, oils & dirt that has become embedded in the cartridge fiber material. Replace the cartridge about every 2 – 4 swimming seasons (one season equals about 3 -5 months).  Please review these notes on Chemical Cleaning.


Intex swimming Pool filter DE
Intex swimming pool DE filter system

De Filters for Swimming pools- Diatomaceous Earth Filters, or DE swimming pool filters from here on out, are made from tiny fossilized microorganisms and has better properties then Sand filter systems for pool.

DE filters have the ability to filter particles as small as 2 – 5 microns in size (the size of algae & even some large bacteria).

Water goes into the filter & passes through the DE coated septum.  Under a microscope, DE looks like little sponges with tiny holes & nooks & crannies that trap all kinds of stuff.  The clean water is then collected & returned back to your pool.

In many places you can or are urged to use DE replacements, such as Aqua Pearl, which are lighter in weight & more biodegradable than DE. Especially compared to sand filters, you don’t get just filtered water, you get polished water.

DE filters eliminate many pool care problems because of the superior filtration system they offer .  A DE filter has the capability to take a dark green, algae encrusted pool & turn it into a crystal clear paradise in a matter of a few days instead of a week or longer. Many pool owners notice how less often they “need” to vacuum the pool.  However, there is more care needed in maintaining a DE filter system for swimming pools.

Cons of this type of filter system: DE filters tend to clog up easier – partially because of the function of the fine filtration ability it does have.  If you have a really dirty pool, the filter may clog up every couple of hours & you may have to change the DE.  That’s normal. However, you will reap the clarity results in much less time since you are removing the DE and replacing it, you are also removing all the fine particles.  The other drawback is the waste or used DE.  In many municipalities it is considered a hazard waste material & therefore needs to be treated as such ( how ever DE is great for the gardens to keep insects from crawling along the ground and harming plants!).  Check your local authorities for details.

Care of DE Filters: Clean only when needed.  Some DE filters come with backwash valves while others need to be “bumped”. Physically clean (2 times per season) the filter by taking the filter apart & hosing off the accumulated dirt & debris from the grids or fingers – backwashing or bumping may not fully remove the used DE. Chemically clean the filter 2 times per season (after initial cleaning & at mid season) to break up & remove accumulated greases, oils & dirt that has become embedded in the septum material. If regularly chemically cleaned, the grids should provide a life of, 7 years or more.  Please review the note on Chemical Cleaning below.

Filter your water for 8 to 12 hours every day from opening to closing. Use a timer so that you don’t forget and save money. By the way, for the best filtration, be sure to chemically clean your filter about twice each season to remove accumulations of greases, oils & other swimmer and environmental waste that clog your pool filter & that routine backwashing & rinsing will NOT remove.

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Intex Pools and bestway Pool maintenance guide Coleman Pools

Intex pools

How to Maintain an Intex Pools or Soft-sided Aboveground Pool

In the last 20 years the sales of intex Pools and bestway pools have been increasing and are very common around peoples houses today. Yet the brick and mortal Pool and Spa stores have yet stocking parts for many of these pools.

These Instant pools are very new to them yet many of us been enjoying them for years as a throw away pool we can keep setting up on the same spot for convenience.

People purchase these Intex pools at Walmart®, Kmart®, Target® and many other “big-box” discount stores.

Intex Pools

Intex® or Soft-sided pool owners also come to realize that they have purchased something that requires some regular care and maintenance. Unfortunately, some realize this fact a little too late and become frustrated and even irritated.

So we find they are not as convenient as we first thought. But with the proper know how one can get many years of use out of these pools.

Intex Pools

But, you know what? These pools are now serve a tremendous number families all over the country who just want to cool off on a hot summer’s day. And if it’s treated as a swimming pool should, (don’t call it “just one of those pools I got from a big box store”) then it can & will provide lots of summers worth of fun. is just the place to help & educate yourself about these types of pools.


Here is a list of the most common problems (all treatable & even preventable), along with the cause(s), that we see with these backyard pools:

Cloudy water – inadequate or poor filter system and circulation for the pool I would suggest Upgrading the pump

Algae growth – same as cloudy water and also involving inadequate or improper chemical treatment would check chemicals if not them would upgrade the pumps and filters

Slimy feel to pool – see above


“Burning” eyes and/or skin – inadequate or improper chemical treatment, would check pool with strips and dilute till right

“Constant” clogging of the filter – inadequate or poor filter system, poor maintenance watch the dvd about how to use the pool

Before we go on, we have to realize a couple of things:

Things you must understand about Intex Pools

All the filter & pump systems that come “standard” with these Intex Pools, bestway® and Coleman® pools are inadequate they just can not handle hhe pool, hence why they are so cheap. Period. A 3,000 to 5,000 gallon that is using a 5 (Five) square foot filter cartridge (typical “A” style cartridge) with a 1/8 HP pump will not stay clean for very long or will it be able to circulate the water correctly. In comparison, a typical metal sided 8,000 gallon aboveground pool will have, at minimum, a 40 – 50 square foot filter and a 3/4 HP pump. I really do suggest buying a saltwater filter and one of our dvd to help you understand how to maintain and set the pool up.

The bather load of these Intex Pools, Bestway® and coleman® pools is typically higher than most backyard swimming pools. In other words, having 6 to 8 children swimming & playing in 4,000 gallons of water is greatly different than having those same children swimming in a 8,000 gallon pool. Plus there’s the poor filter system as we just mentioned does not help at all. I really do suggest one of these saltwater Pumps Use these hose adapters game 4560 to upgrade the pumps..

Common Problems with Intex Pools

The water temperature in almost all Intex® or Bestway® and Coleman® Soft-sided pools gets warmer and stays warmer much faster than other pools. Higher water temperature, higher chlorine use leading to quicker, more significant water problems (as mentioned above) and more replacement of the celluloids in the pumps. But this makes heating them in the winter a bit easier then larger pools.

Most Intex®, Bestway® or Colman® Soft-sided pool owners have not or were not properly instructed as to how to use or care for their pool. The “pool-in-a-box” went into the shopping cart and out to the car with a barely a quick swipe of the credit card. These stores could really care less about your pool care needs; they just made the sale… just try bringing in a water sample for help and I suggest ordering one of the dvd we supply…

Your Intex®, Bestway® or Coleman® Soft-sided pool should be treated and maintained as if it were any other swimming pool. Use the right equipment. Follow a good chemical program. Follow our 5 Keys to Pool Care.

Special Note on Intex Pools

Please remember these are thousands of gallons of water and not your typical set and forget small plastic pools and should not be treated as one, if you do treat these pools right, they will treat you right for many years to come.

We at want to be able to offer you everything you need to know and use to take care of your Intex, Bestway and Coleman pools So leave us a comment or ask us a question on this site our one of our social media sites and we will do everything we can to help you out.

Also remember to check back often we are always adding new parts as these companies keep adding new pools! We strive to be the best source for all things Intex, Bestway and Coleman pools, so please contact us if you do not see the part or need info on something!

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5 keys to keeping an Intex Pool Clean or Bestway Pools

Intex pools

The top 5 key things to do each week that takes under and hour to keep a healthy Intex pool.

These 5 keys will help you unlock the secret to keeping a great looking Intex Pool that you will enjoy all summer long with just an hour of maintenance each week! Check our face-book page up for recent updates.

And these 5 keys to keeping a healthy pool will work on any size pool does not matter if it’s a small Intex pool or a large in-ground pool! our tricks of the trade will keep your pool sparkling clean!

Intex pool
Intex Pool maintenance 5 keys to successful clean water!

First Key to a clean Intex pool is Circulation

Great Circulation in your Intex pool means a lot more filtering of the water to help keep it clean, see the thing with these Intex, Bestway and Coleman pools are the pumps that come with them are just to weak to move the water around as much as it is needed  for proper circulation and filtering. therefore a Larger the pump then more circulation will happen, means more water that is being moved threw threw the filters!

Besides that If you have area’s in your pool were algae always seems to grow or dirt and debris seem to accumulate, this is a sign of poor circulation and could mean to small of a pump for the pool. The more the pump can circulate the water the more the filters can do its job, In-fact it takes four turn overs to get all the water completely filtered! Learn more information on how to improve water circulation here!

Intex pool saltwater filter
Intex pool filter

Our second key to a clean intex pool is Filtration

Now that we have the water properly circulating, the next piece to the puzzle is good filtration!

Thats right good filtration removes dirt, Debris and even large bacteria and algae from your pool, who wants to be swimming in all that? I sure do not!

Sand Filter remove the largest of particle, Cartridge filter removes smaller particles and DE filers remove the smallest, Most importantly I suggest Salt water systems over them all, they are fairly new but do the best job at filtering!

Besides that You should be filtering your water for at least 12 hours everyday, start when you open the pool and stop when you close it down for the night.  Most importantly using a timer will make sure this happens daily. Just as a reminder for the best filtration of your pool make sure to chemically clean your filter twice a season to remove Accumulations of salt and chlorine as well as greases and oils and other swimming environment waste that may clog it up fro being back washed into the filter. Read more Information about Pool Filtration Here.

Intex pool
Skimmer net head for intex pool

Our third key to a clean Intex pool  is cleaning

therefore  doing the right cleaning to keep a pool clean who would have thought that. But there is always a wrong and right way to do things, let us teach you the right way.

Most importantly all swimming pools have at least one area of poor ciruclation no matter what we did with the first key here we must use them all together. This is where algea and bateria can grow so we must remember to clean these spots of poor circulation at least once a week, the walls and floor should be brushed and vacuumed to remove debris that the filter misses. Brushing is a must, even if you use an automatic pool cleaner or retain a weekly service. It’s like taking care of your teeth – you know that you should brush & floss, but…

Oh, and don’t forget to clean that water line regularly to break up bio-film build up. Learn all about cleaning here.

Intes pool test kit
Test kit for swimming pools
Our fourth Key for a Clean Intex pool is Testing

Most importantly You should be testing your pool twice a week, this will help reduce the chemicals you are using, they are not cheap!

bring in a 1 quart water sample for a complete computerized test & analysis 3 times per season for best results. Testing keeps you up to date on what’s going on with your pool water. Don’t rely solely on how the water looks

Most of the SERIOUS problems we see (skin rashes, colored hair, pool surface etching, etc.) occur when the water is “crystal clear” about the middle of the swimming season. Make pH checks, total alkalinity & calcium hardness adjustments promptly the quicker the better. You’ll protect the filter system, the pool surfaces, get better chlorine & sanitizer efficiency and virtually eliminate red eyes & dry skin. And lets face it, saving money on expensive chemical and less rashes is a plus!Here’s what you need to know about water testing.

Intex pool cleaning chemicals
Intex pool cleaning chemicals
And the fifth key that unlocks the whole thing for a clean Intex pool IS! Water Chemistry

This might be last but sure is not the least, and we saved it for last because many people are neveous about chemical application, but they should not be. is here to help. You only need to follow our step by step guide for sparkling blue, crystal clear, free from algae & cloudiness water.

Pool water chemistry IS easy – and just 4 simple steps too:

Besides that try to Maintaining a constant level of sanitizer in the pool at all times. Slow dissolving chlorine sticks or tablets We recommend this chlorine float; proper level of biguanide (Soft Swim); bromine; salt level.

Shock the pool weekly or at a minimum Bi Weekly (biguanides shock every 3 to 4 weeks). Shocking oxidizes unfilterable wastes & breaks up chloramines that lead to cloudy water, algae, smelly pools & red eyes.

Add algicide weekly or at least Bi Weekly to prevent algae growth from forming. A good quality algicide (concentrates sold in quart sizes work best) backs up the chlorine or sanitizer in case it is exhausted due to heavy bather load or heavy rains.

Maintain good water balance. Without good water balance, the sanitizer doesn’t work properly or efficiently and this is no good. The water can become cloudy (high in pH) or aggressive (low in pH – this type ofwater is often times really clear). By doing all these steps You’ll also protect your friends & family who use your pool.
Keep Pool Water Chemistry simple. Here’s how…